Dave Booda’s life has been hard for his mother to explain to her friends. He graduated from the Naval Academy and spent five years as a Navy Officer, then left that to become a professional musician. He then spent three months on a bicycle between London and Turkey, and then moved to Bali to live in a Tantra community. He is known as a leader in the polyamory community in San Diego. He organized TEDxCardiffbytheSea, co-founded IntimacyFest, and has written over 250 essays at boodaism.com. He currently lives at an intentional community in Vista, CA.

Henry David Thoreau said — “How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.” Dave’s music is a reflection of his life — complicated, diverse and rich. His new album “Happy Accidents” is a collection of memories from a life well lived.

Contact Email: davebooda@gmail.com