dave booda

plays music sometimes

“Happy Accidents” is out now on Spotify, Apple Music and most popular music streaming services.

Hello friends,

I’m really proud of this new album, it’s called “Happy Accidents”. I recorded it with Jeff Berkley in San Diego and had the pleasure of working with all sorts of wonderful musicians.

I’m going on tour in 2024 around the United States and Canada, so I’d love to invite you to a show. I don’t love social media, and I don’t want following me to be another reason for people to be on it, so I created an email list where I keep in touch with people, share new music, and let them know about new shows that are happening. You can sign up for it below.

Thank you for your support, I look forward to making more music for you and seeing you on the road.


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you probably shouldn’t read my blog

you’re still here?

well, let me tell you a secret

I spent many, many years

thinking that being a good musician meant

being like other “good” musicians

so I compared myself to my heroes

and tried to sound like them

and you know what?

I actually got pretty decent

at sounding like other people

but the problem with that

as you can probably guess

is I didn’t know who I was

so in 2020

I decided to go on a different journey

to figure out what I sound like

now instead of listening for how I’m like others

I listen for how I’m different

and that

has made all the difference.