Belly Up Album Release Show March 4th!

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Hey friends, Dave Booda and Michael Tiernan here.

We’re 2 singer/songwriters who have been working in San Diego for 15+ years. Lately, we both recorded albums that we’re really proud of, and when we considered how we wanted to celebrate the release of those records, we realized we wanted to do something intimate, something where we could share an evening with our friends and family.

We’ve both played the Belly Up many times, and in the past we’ve brought our bands, we played sweet electric guitar solos and we got to feel like rockstars (and it was awesome). This time around, we’re doing a seated show. For those of you who haven’t been to a seated show at Belly Up, it’s a special evening. Instead of standing room, everyone gets a seat, and we’re able to slow things down, tell more stories and connect with the audience in a different way.

This show will also be “in the round”, which means we’re both going to be on stage together, trading off playing the songs we wrote. On some songs we’ll join each other, on some we’ll just listen. What’s also special about this type of performance, is that we get to be both a performer and an audience member. We’re there with you, appreciating the music together.

In addition, we’re also going to be bringing some of our favorite local musicians up to the stage to join us on certain songs, because we’re both big believers in the importance of community and honoring our musical collective here in San Diego.

We hope you join us, if you’re new to either of our music, check us out online, or just email us and say hi.

Tickets: $15 Advanced / $18 Day of Show / $27 Reserved
Doors/Show: 7:00/8:00pm
Ages: 21+

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